Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Technical courses and Study abroad program

President Dilma Rousseff Monday reaffirmed her commitment to provide scholarships enough for 75,000 Brazilian students to study abroad, up from 5,000 at present.It will be difficult but possible, the president said during her weekly radio address Breakfast with the President. Today, 5,000 Brazilians study abroad with government-funded scholarships, most of them are in Sweden,France, Germany and United States. We want to grant 75,000 scholarships until 2014, she said.

Rousseff also said her administration will increase the number of scholarships in technical courses through national professional education program Pronatec.We will offer qualification courses for those who are already in the job market and for high school students,she said,the youngster who want to learn a profession will be granted a scholarship and will finish high school in one shift and the technical course in another.The presdient added that the beneficiaries of welfare program Bolsa Familia will also be allowed to take training courses so that they can find better jobs.

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