Saturday, May 21, 2011

Study Abroad Program in Spain

This summer, nine St. Louis-area natives will be among 20 students from Truman State University participating in the Spain Study Abroad Program.The eight-week program grants students 12 college credit hours for the work done on the trip to Salamanca, Spain, as they travel, study and reside overseas.During a six-week stay in Salamanca, the students will live with a Spanish family and study at a language school. The remainder of the time will be spent traveling to Madrid, Cordova, Seville, Granada and other cities.As part of their cultural experience, the students will attend a bullfight and a Flamenco show, as well as a variety of music recitals, fiestas regionales and drama events.

Participating students from the area are:

Jacqueline Stevens, an English major from Ballwin, daughter of Michael and Denise Stevens.

Zachary Peasall, a justice systems and Spanish major from Rock Hill, son of Arthur and Mary Peasall.

Bridget Waller, a chemistry major from Ballwin, daughter of John and Francesca Waller.

Emily Govro, a biology major from Festus, daughter of William and Eleanor Govro.

Catherine Attewell, a Spanish major from University City, daughter of Joseph Attewell and Dolores Miller.

Caleb Smith, a chemistry/Spanish major from Imperial, son of Daniel and Deborah Smith.

Isabella Fassi, a sociology and anthropology major from St. Louis, daughter of Vince and Gail Fassi.

Preston Newell, a business administration major from mid-county, son of Meike Newell.

Alyssa Surgener, an exercise science major from West County, daughter of Stephan and Melanie Surgener.

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