Monday, May 2, 2011

Study abroad program in Italy

The faculty-in-residence for the university’s study abroad program in Arezzo, Italy, has been appointed.Suzette Grillot, College of International Studies associate dean, has accepted the position and will move to Arezzo before the beginning of the fall semester.While in Arezzo, Grillot will teach two courses during both the fall and spring 2012 semesters.

For me and my family it is a great opportunity to live overseas for the academic year, but more importantly it’s an opportunity for students that haven’t studied abroad or perhaps reluctant to study abroad on their own to provide them an opportunity to be with a faculty member overseas who can help them,Grillot said.Opportunities are still available to students hoping to study in Arezzo, regardless of major or class standing, Grillot said.Students can have four courses each semester that will provide them general education credits, and then they will have language courses they can take, she said.Students can also get a lot of exposure while studying in such universities and different course Engineering,Internet MBA and Industrial Engineering.

They have a full spectrum of courses they can take while studying abroad and at the same time being enrolled at OU and being taught by OU faculty,she said.There are 29 OU students set to travel to Arezzo in the fall, but slots are still open for anyone interested in going, Grillot said.
No matter what your major is, a global experience is beneficial not only just to be a better global citizen, but to provide the certain kinds of skills and experiences that are going to boost ones potential in the global workplace,Grillot said.

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