Thursday, May 26, 2011

Study abroad courses

Ever since people became able to move freely around EU member states, periodically changing your country of residence has been increasingly popular among folk of all ages and career paths. And with the job market in its current state, one of the few skills that really helps you stand out is the ability to speak more than one language.Your career isn’t the only reason to learn a language, though. Language skills are also a brilliant way to connect with other people in all contexts. A bilingual person’s horizons are a lot wider and travel is a totally different experience when you can have real conversations with people you meet. And if you live in a cosmopolitan city such as Paris or London, you can even practise your second language in your home town.

Of course language immersion is the best option for learning as with any skill, the more you practise, the quicker you’ll learn. That’s why, if you really want to improve your language skills, a long or short stay in a foreign country is a guaranteed winner. Interacting with native speakers daily and having to read the language in order to decode your lunch menu will help you to develop a far more natural style and fluency than practising in front of your mirror at home or listening to language cassettes in England.That’s where ESL schools can help you out. ESL puts on language courses for adults at dedicated schools in Lyon in France, Montreux in Switzerland, and Berlin and Freiburg in Germany. They also host fun German, Italian and French summer camps for juniors and teens in Westerwald in Germany; Zug, Montreux, Leysin and Ascona in Switzerland; and Valbonnes, Cannes and Paris-Igny in France. Young people have far more elastic and flexible minds than adults, especially when it comes to languages (as anyone who’s ever been stunned by the language skills of an immigrant child will know!) ESL also provides special courses for over-50s in Montreux in Switzerland and Lyon in France, where you can learn in an atmosphere with other people like you.

For French courses France is the best place to be, and for German courses Germany is. ESL works in Switzerland because of the country’s amazing diversity of languages: in different regions of Switzerland people speak German, French and Italian, making it a great place to learn languages.So if you want to become more dedicated to your language learning journey, why not swap your normal holiday this year for an intensive course at an ESL school abroad? What could be better than a fantastic holiday combined with improvement in a skill that will help you in your social life and your career? So make that call for this summer and you won’t regret it.ESL provides specialist language courses for adults in schools in France, Germany and Switzerland, and language summer camps in Europe for teens and juniors. Whatever your age or current language level, ESL has a language course and a rich cultural experience for you.

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