Saturday, November 5, 2011

UNC has 10th most 2010-2011 Fulbright award winners

The Chronicle of Higher Education has UNC tied for 10th most students and recent graduates receiving Fulbright awards for the 2010-2011 year.The University is tied for 10th with Arizona State University, which each had 18 grant recipients. Seventeen of the UNC Fulbright winners are listed here, and the 18th has not been announced. The winners come from nine different North Carolina counties and five different states.
The Fulbright program gives grants to students to improve U.S. relations abroad at the grassroots level. The program, established in 1946, operates in more than 135 countries, and students are chosen by academic merit and leadership potential. While abroad, students study, teach and research solutions to international problems. The Fulbright is sponsored by the U.S. State Department and also gives grants to American teachers for projects abroad.

A total of 1700 students received the grants from 600 different colleges and universities. UNC had the third most recipients from a public university behind the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor with 29 awards and the University of Washington with 24 students who received the grant.

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