Friday, November 25, 2011

EPUC admits fresh students

The Honorary Chancellor of the EPUC, the Very Rev. Dr. Livingstone Komla Buama, says education is a business venture, and must therefore, be seen in that context.Speaking at the 5th Matriculation ceremony to admit 535 fresh students to offer courses in the various disciplines at the EPUC in Ho over the weekend, Dr. Buama pointed out that the university did not intend to become a photocopy of others in the country.

He said the Evangelical Presbyterian University College (EPUC) was unique, because it dares students and lecturers to be different, in order to help bring qualitative change to the world through hard work, because it was through innovative educational activities that institutions of higher learning could make positive impacts that would promote development.Dr. Buama stressed that the youth who are admitted to universities, particularly the EPUC, should see their status as an opportunity, as well as a privilege, and urged them to be law-abiding, so as to observe the rules and regulations of the university at all times.

'Students of universities should not go through the university, but rather the university should go through them, so that they can become real instruments of change in society upon the completion of their courses,' he stressed.The President of the EPUC, Rev. Dr. Cyril G.K. Fayose, congratulated the new students for successfully going through the matriculation process, and assured them that they had made a good choice, because the university had so far not turned out students who had become unemployed graduates, as they always get employment in the formal sector or self-employed.Rev. Dr. Fayose pointed out that even though the university had turned out qualified human resources who are contributing to national development efforts, the students must still be focused and work hard to enable them remain in the university, because laziness would not be tolerated from them.

The EPUC President said what made the university a unique institution was that it did not only concentrate on the academic aspect of education, but also practical learning, blended with sound moral discipline.A representative from the University of Cape Coast, the affiliate university of the EPUC, Mr. Nicholas Kuteh urged the EP Church to continue offering the needed support to Linkthe university, and gave the assurance that the University of Cape Cost would continue to assist, to ensure that the young university was properly nurtured to a matured university that could be on its own.

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