Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The first grading of MBA course launched by CARE Ratings

CARE Ratings has launched ‘CARE EDU GRADE’, a grading product for Educational Institutes. There are numerous institutions offering courses in higher education across India. Every year, the student community grapples with a large number of educational institutes to choose from for professional education.CARE EDU GRADE’ is, therefore, being launched to assess the quality of the courses offered based on effectiveness of resources provided and processes followed in achieving the objective of the course.

With a large clientele of Educational Institutions, CARE Ratings is one of the leading rating agencies in the education sector. CARE Ratings undertakes credit rating of all the debt and related obligations in the education sector. In the realm of grading of educational courses, CARE Ratings has been undertaking grading of Maritime courses for Maritime Training Institutes, under the aegis of Directorate General of Shipping (DGS) for quite some time. ‘CARE EDU GRADE’ is the latest offering from CARE Ratings catering to the specific need of the education sector.

‘CARE EDU GRADE’ is course specific grading. Presently CARE is grading management courses. CARE also has a product for grading of courses offered by Engineering colleges, which is unique in the industry. The grading measures the quality of a course based on various factors including quality of infrastructure, faculty, academic & non-academic activities, management, student mix and teaching methodology & assessment. For Management courses, CARE assigns grading both at state and national scale and it ranges from ‘A Triple Star’ to ‘B’, with ‘A Triple Star’ being the highest.Speaking at the launch of ‘CARE EDU GRADE’, Shri D.R. Dogra, Managing Director & CEO, CARE Ratings, said With mushrooming of large number of institutions across India, both parents and students face difficulties in choosing a particular institute for pursuing higher education. Further, prospective employers are also spending vast resources on selection and recruitment of a right candidate. To help the student and parent community, CARE Ratings has launched ‘CARE EDU GRADE’, a course specific grading which can be relied upon as a quality benchmark.

Besides student and parent community and indeed the Institute being rated, CARE EDU GRADE would be beneficial to various stakeholders such as financial institutions, banks, corporates and government/regulatory authorities. Grading enables the Institute to attract good quality students, faculty and recruiters. Grading can be relied upon as quality benchmark while assessing the funding requirements of colleges and while designing/pricing its loan products depending on the grade of institute. Grading also will help the government to design schemes to promote quality higher education, identify good quality institutions and ultimately channelize flow of funds to the sector.

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