Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hill College begin job training program in the new year

Residents out of work or underemployed have good news to look forward to in the new year.In January, Hill College will roll out its new job training program, the Hill College Community Stimulus Program. Available at both the Hillsboro and Cleburne campuses, the program aims to help those who are unemployed or not using their professional skills in their field of choice.The cost of the program is free to those who qualify.We all feel so bad about what’s going on in the world and this is something concrete that we can do,said Hill President Dr. Sheryl Kappus.Our taxpayers have invested in us, and we want to invest in them.According to the Texas Workforce Commission, the unemployment in Johnson County hit 8.5 percent in June, and has since hovered around that mark. Hill County saw unemployment rates as high as 9.3 percent this summer. The majority of people seeking unemployment benefits range from 30-50 years old, with an average duration of eight months and two years.

This program seeks to aid workers in and around the area in learning a new skill or trade to get back into the workforce or even to become self-employed,Kappus said.Kappus said unemployment data is hard to come by, but has found that those who are unemployed longer are less likely to find a job.And then, your skills are out of date,Kappus said.The courses range from welding, supervision, professional organization, workplace professionalism, job search and employment skills and how to start your own business. Programs throughout the courses ­which last from several days to a couple of weeks include seminars, individual courses, marketable skills awards and certificates of completion.A mandatory orientation will get participants up to speed with what they’re asked to do.

The board the difficult economic times our nation is experiencing, and we feel Hill College is in a unique position to help those hurting the most the jobless, by retraining them for viable jobs,said David Teel, Hill College board president.We are very excited about this new and innovative program and welcome the opportunity to give back to the people of our service area by providing this valuable training.Kappus mentioned that the program is only available to seasoned workers, or those who are not seeking their first job. Underemployed participants, such as those who have had to take on fast food jobs or other employment outside of their certifications can explain their situation and receive skills-renewal classes.

Even if you’ve been sitting on the couch for a year, we can help you,Kappus said.We are just really pleased we are able to do this and appreciate the support from the community.To qualify for this program, you must live in the Hill or Johnson County taxing districts, be a seasoned worker and:Have been unable to find employment or are underemployed and wish to gain new skills and knowledge to make you competitive for employment.Have been unable to find employment or are underemployed and wish to gain knew skills and knowledge to become your own boss.Have been unable to find employment or are underemployed, and wish to polish your interview and presentation skills.

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