Saturday, February 4, 2012

Study abroad in Spain

A free online course that teaches personal financial management topics for students who are new to college and or considering college was launched this week by Wichita State University.Part 1 of the course helps students and families make wise decisions about which college to attend and how to pay for it.Part 2 helps students wisely manage money while in college and beyond.The course includes game-ification features and also allows users to post status updates about their progress in the course to Facebook and Twitter.The online platform for the course was created by a local Web design firm VandeCreek Consulting.

Money for the website comes from the federally funded College Access Challenge Grant, the purpose of which is to promote college completion by providing financial literacy education.Given the growing public concern with the cost of attending college and the fact that financial difficulties force many students to discontinue their studies, financial literacy education is critical to national efforts to educate more students,said Keith Pickus, interim provost.Liz Weston, a nationally syndicated personal finance columnist, agrees that financial literacy is necessary for a student's future.

These days a college education is an all-but-essential step in building a sound financial future. But the value of that degree is undermined when students and their families go too far into debt to get it,Weston said.Students and their families need to make smart choices about getting an education they can afford. Students also need to make sure they manage their money wisely while they're in college so they don't graduate with piles of credit card or other debt. Financial literacy courses can help people make good decisions in college and afterward.

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