Thursday, February 9, 2012

KSOU offer science courses

Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) Vice-Chancellor K S Rangappa said KSOU, which is taking education to the door steps of people through distance mode, will start MSc in Physics and Chemistry on its Vigyan Bhavan campus. He said Vigyan Bhavan will be constructed at the cost of `22 crore.When Hayward University can start Computer Science courses online, why can’t KSOU offer science courses to those who cannot pursue studies in conventional universities, he said.

The varsity will extend distance education through online and distance mode with an objective to emphasise basic science courses, he added. Observing that nothing can be achieved without basic science, he said there is no Nobel laureate with basic science knowledge.�Rangappa said that India with a good number of� bureaucrats still needs to produce good faculty, scientists, engineers, economists and doctors.He said there is no bureaucratic interference in the field of higher education in other countries. However, the Vision Group of Science and Technology spends a lot of money and has focused on inter disciplinary subjects. He called upon teachers to ask students to tap resources and programmes that were launched by both the state and Union governments for encouraging students in basic science course.He said the country with a lot of human resource needs good faculty who can inspire and groom young scientists.

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