Saturday, October 22, 2011

EU business training courses in Armenia

Within the framework of the East-Invest Project, the Armenian Chamber of Commerce is organizing two training courses in Armenia with EU acquis. These courses aim to provide Armenian companies assistance in export.The first training course was held from October 17 to 21, and it was intended for Starters Category. That is, for those companies that do not have much experience in working with EU countries, that have limited knowledge on EU standards, legislation and legal framework, and on internationalization, but have great potential and wide prospects.

The second training will be held between November 21 and 25, and it is for Advanced Category. That is, for those companies that have close ties and experiences with European companies. The course will be conducted by foreign experts. Top participants will get a chance to take part, at no cost, in large relevant exhibitions to be held in EU countries, and to meet with their European associates.

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