Monday, April 18, 2011

Top Five Study Abroad Destinations

All college students enjoy life on campus—but for some, going off on their own to experience a new country and culture can be equally, if not more, rewarding. Studying abroad is the perfect way to pursue academic research, learn a new language, and have a life-changing time. For travelers or students considering studying abroad, Let’s Go is naming their top study abroad destinations for 2011.

Students who like variety are flocking to India. From religions to spices, and landscapes to lifestyles, no two things in India are alike. Studying in India is relevant for anyone interested in medicine, business, religion, international politics, computer sciences,Electrical Engineering, or environmental sustainability. As an added bonus, students will find almost every aspect of their experience to be budget-friendly.

Once the jetlag wears off, students studying abroad in China can expect an energetic semester filled with endless new experiences. China is an up-and-coming study abroad destination for students interested in international relations, the global economy, and East Asian culture. The American dollar goes a long way, which will make trying the various nuances of Chinese fare easier than saying ni hao ma, or How are you doing?

A semester spent studying in Chile allows students to ski in the Andes Mountains and visit some of the biggest, most open beaches on the Pacific coast in one day. Even if you don’t speak Spanish and let’s be real, Chilean Spanish is nothing like the Spanish learned in traditional classrooms, there are many English-speaking job opportunities for students interested in working abroad after graduation.

South Africa
The scenes and stories from South Africa are the stuff of legends (think The Lion King meets World Cup 2010). South Africa has many colleges and universities par excellence, with classes taught in any of the 11 official languages. The cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town are very affordable, functional, and modern there will be no problem tweeting from here.

New Zealand
New Zealand is a cheaper alternative to the UK or Australia for students looking to study in an English-speaking country. It’s also a great place for students seeking outdoor adventure. In their time off students can backpack, sail, and see achingly beautiful landscapes, as well as whale watch, scuba dive, and bungee jump. New Zealand has several top-caliber universities in specialized fields, but students can also pursue broad academic interests like psychology, anthropology, and sociology.

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