Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Study abroad courses in England

For 33 years, UMD has been sending students and faculty to Birmingham, England for study abroad courses. But with time comes change, and UMD is moving out of the bustling city of Birmingham to Worcester.Worcester is located in the central-western part of England and is about a two hour train ride from London. Its population size is similar to Duluth and may be more appealing to students that don't want to be overwhelmed by a large city. The university is built around an 11th century cathedral and is situated next to the Severn River. Its quaint ancient feel is mixed with the characteristics of modernity.Students can also get a lot of exposure while studying in such universities and different course Engineering,Intercultural Anglophone Studies and Master of Architecture.

The biggest and most exciting change that comes with the new venue is that UMD students are allowed to take classes within the University of Worcester system and English students can join in the UMD classes. Before, UMD faculty would take a group of students to Birmingham University and teach UMD classes. They would use university grounds and classrooms but were separate from the Birmingham system. Now, 24 classes in the fall and 18 classes in the spring will be open to UMD students in the Worcester system. The International Education Office (IEO) wanted a place where there was more interaction between the British students and faculty and UMD students and faculty. Worcester has unearthed a perfect opportunity to mix the different cultures and get the students from different parts of the world interacting with each other.

UMD students will board on-campus at Worcester, which has been rated a five out of five by the "University Push" guide, an independent guide in the UK that rates universities in many different categories. Each student will have their own bedroom and a gym membership is included in the tuition. The price for all of this is the same as Birmingham with adjustments made for inflation.All majors are welcome to join the program and there is a course list online. Twelve students have already opted in for fall semester. Although the deadline for that application was due April 1, there is still an opportunity to join in the spring semester or to look ahead for next year. You can always stop by the IEO office for more information in 138 Kirby Plaza.

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