Wednesday, April 6, 2011

High school course fees changed

Despite a tight budget situation, the Nordonia Hills Board of Education has voted to cut student fees for most classes at Nordonia High School next year.The Board of Education on March 21 unanimously approved a new schedule of consumable fees, which pay for a variety of materials, such as work books, and art and science lab supplies.Almost all high school course fees, with the exception of advanced placement courses, will be lower next year, school officials said.

What we have done in the past at the high school is charge a $75 fee across the board,said Superintendent Wayne Blankenship, adding that the new fee schedule bases fees on the district's actual cost to provide each course.Next year we will charge students what they should be charged for a course,he said.Under the new fee structure, students taking advanced placement courses will see increases, with the fee set at $87 for the administering of an exam required for each course. AP students will also pay additional fees, ranging between $17.35 for supplemental reading and review materials in a U.S. history course and $42.70 in chemistry lab materials.
Students can also get a lot of exposure while studying in such universities and different course Engineering,Master Course and Cultural Encounters.

However, fees for all other courses are significantly lower, ranging between $1 to pay for a classroom edition of the Wall Street Journal in an economics class, to $31.75 for chemistry and honors chemistry classes.For most kids, it will be a reduction in costs,said Assistant Superintendent Joe Clark.The changes followed a similar assessment of fees paid by students in lower grades, which resulted in the Board approving revised fees last may for this year. Fees were changed from $40 for all grades to costs ranging between $8.60 for kindergarteners to $38.90 for first graders.

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