Thursday, March 24, 2011

Study abroad trip to Japan under review due to disasters

The Seton Hall study abroad trip to Japan, scheduled for July 15 Aug. 20, is currently under review due to the current conditions in the wake of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, according to Mary Kirk Rawn, associate provost for International Programs and Academic Support Services.According to Rawn, the trip, scheduled to be held at Sophia University in Tokyo, was placed under review by the University out of concern for any students and faculty who would travel to Japan.

Rawn said the Office of International programs provides advisement and information to students who may be interested in studying abroad, which can include exchange programs, faculty-led programs or programs that are coordinated by third party providers.The office monitors the U.S. Department of State's web page with particular attention to travel alerts, Rawn said.Seton Hall will monitor and observe the U.S. Department of State Travel Alert Information and will stay in contact with Sophia University, the sister institution in the exchange program.Students can also get a lot of exposure while studying in such universities and different course Cultural Encounters,Intelligent Software Systems and European Studies.

According to Rawn, Dr. Shigeru Osuka is the director of the Japanese studies program and received more than ten students who were interested in the summer trip to Japan. Some of the students have already made deposits for the trip,Rawn said.Dr. Osuka has contacted students who are interested to let them know that a decision about the trip will be made toward the end of April.Rawn said the decision at the end of April will enable students to either plan their travels to Japan or coordinate alternate plans for their summer studies. Concerning future study abroad exchanges between Seton Hall University and Japan, Rawn said the only semester where Seton Hall students travel abroad to Japan is the summer semester. The SHU-Japan Exchange Program is designed so that students from Sophia University study at Seton Hall in fall and spring semesters, and students from Seton Hall study at Sophia University during the summer.
Dr. Shigeru Osuka did not return requests for comment as of press time.

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