Saturday, March 5, 2011

500 get government scholarships to study abroad

The Ministry of Education and Training has just approved a list of 459 candidates to be sent abroad to pursue graduate and undergraduate degrees on government scholarships.Three hundred fifty will study for PhD degrees, 94 for bachelor degrees, and the other 15 for practical training programs.

The Ministry yesterday announced it would offer 500 scholarships for PhD degrees, 500 for master degrees and another 50 for PhD students or candidates wishing to attend practical training programs abroad this year.Ninety percent of the scholarships are reserved for lecturers and staff at universities, educational institutes and key national research centers.The remaining ten percent will go to state officials working at governmental agencies, state-owned enterprises and other sociopolitical organizations.Priority will be given to such disciplines as natural sciences, education, technology, social sciences, arts, sports, medicine and pharmacy, agriculture-forestry, and aquaculture.April 1 is the deadline for applications.

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