Monday, March 21, 2011

The Ministry of Education analyzed China's overseas education situation in 2010

The Ministry of Education analyzed China's overseas education situation in 2010 and summarized six main features of China's overseas education market in various aspects, such as scale, category, distribution, security and roles of overseas students after returning to the motherland.

First, number of overseas Chinese students huge:There were more than 720,000 overseas Chinese students by the end of 2010, and the number of Chinese citizens who went abroad for study in 2010 totaled 285,000, an increase of more than 24 percent compared with 2009. China has become the world's largest source country for international students.

Second, categories of Chinese students becoming more diversified:In regards to the categories of overseas Chinese students, overseas Chinese students who pay their own expenses have replaced overseas Chinese students supported by the government as the dominant category of overseas Chinese students. The majors of overseas Chinese students cover many subjects different course and fields. However, most students, especially students that cover their own expenses are concentrated in majors such as economics, finance,engineering and Social Sciences.

Third, distribution of overseas Chinese students relatively concentrated:There are nearly 1.3 million overseas Chinese students worldwide and most of them are concentrated in 10 countries, namely the United States, Australia, Japan, Britain, South Korea, Canada, Singapore, France, Germany and Russia.

Fourth, serious security issues face overseas students:With the rapid growth in the number of overseas Chinese students over the recent years, security issues facing overseas students have become increasingly frequent, which has gradually drawn the attention of people from all walks of life.

Fifth, half of overseas Chinese students have returned to China:Some 630,000 overseas Chinese students had returned to China by the end of 2008 and 98 percent of government-funded overseas students have returned. The rise in the scale of returned overseas Chinese students is due to China's increasingly strong comprehensive strength and the growing perfection of government polices to encourage the return of overseas students and to attract talent.

Sixth, significant roles performed by returned overseas students:Returned overseas students have played significant roles in China's various sectors, such as education, technology, economy, national defense and social development. Some of the returned overseas students have become leaders in each sector and an important force in developing China into an innovation-oriented country.

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