Tuesday, January 25, 2011

SGA research study abroad

SGA is researching a proposal that would allow students to study abroad in countries under the U.S. Students may be one step closer to swimming in the Dead Sea for course creditState Department’s Travel Warning List.The list includes nations such as Israel, Kenya, Mexico and Haiti.Basically what this is trying to do is look at policies other universities have with study abroad, said Jonathan Arogeti, who is leading the research.Arogeti said some of the nations on the list are large and the conflict keeping students away is limited to a small area.Students who study abroad in these nations cannot use University funds such as the Foundation Fellows Scholarship or Bernard Ramsey Scholarship.These students must also fill out large amounts of paper work to receive credit if they study in countries on the list.The subcommittee’s members will research the University’s listed peer and aspirational partners schools to which the University is or aspires to become similar.

These schools include the University of Virginia, Cornell University and the University of California, Berkeley.Dr. Adams has made a commitment to international education. He’s greatly expanded it,Arogeti said. We’re just trying to expand it further.The Academic Affairs committee also discussed a proposal to change the policy of requiring students suspended because of code of conduct violations to withdraw from classes and receive a WF.The new proposal gives instructors discretion when a students is suspended for violating the code of conduct not academic honesty. It gives discretion to give a WF or WP. And right now we have four WPs and the University suggests taking five classes, so even if you use all four you still fail one class,” said SGA Senator Wells Ellenberg,

He said about 20 to 30 students each semester are suspended from the University.The question is ‘Doesn’t that irreparably harm a student’s academic career and shouldn’t we separate conduct violation from violations of an academic nature?Ellenberg said.There is a petition subcommittee to which students may appeal, but Ellenberg said the results vary and he would like a policy that is more defined.

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