Sunday, January 23, 2011

Informational meeting about study abroad program

Informational meetings for studying abroad are available for locations around the world this week.Information regarding costs, planned excursions and duration dates will be included in the meetings.An informational meeting for teaching and learning science in the Bahamas will be available today. The program focuses on working at a school in the Bahamas with students in a multicultural setting. The program also includes exploring the ecosystem of marine environments.

Also available today is an informational meeting for students interested in teaching in Toronto. The program contains information on applying teaching skills in workshops, guided tours different course and classrooms with students of a diverse cultural background from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.The Toronto informational meeting is also available on Jan. 25.On Jan. 25, there is an informational meeting featuring different opportunities for studying abroad in different locations in Germany.An informational meeting about a summer study abroad program in Barbados from June 12 - June 26 is on Jan. 26. Elective and senior seminar credit may be earned.

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