Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Enhancing study in the country

Soon students will be seen with E-Pads on the campus. Though the concept is a major hit abroad, it's yet to pick up in India. Enhance Pads or E-Pads are like tablet PCs that will be pre-loaded with semester plans, semester subject content, presentations, case studies, assessments and about 20,000 books, among others. Professors will also be able to broadcast assignments, classes and exercises through the E-Pads.Amplify Mindware Group of Institutions will provide these E-Pads to students in campuses across India and study abroad. Joy Basu, CEO of Amplify Mindware Group of Institutions, said: There are two motives behind introducing the E-Pads. Firstly, we want to bring education closer to students. Our students will have access to Internet and can google and keep themselves updated on networking sites. Secondly, we want to make education cheaper. The E-pad will be available for Rs 3,000 which is the minimum cost.

The institute has set up a factory in China, which has made it possible to produce the E-Pads at low costs. The software in the E-Pads, My Open Campus, has been designed by experts from the institute.But this does not mean that students can browse unwanted sites.We have blocked many sites and students will not be able to access them when on campus. But once outside, we have no control on it,Basu said. He said the concept was being used in MIT, Boston, and the University of California. Next week about a lakh students will be given E-Pads.
The institute has also tied up with Dr Kiran Bedi's Navjyoti Foundation, which has ordered for almost 10,000 E-Pads.

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