Thursday, December 8, 2011

University will open two additional study abroad sites in Brazil and India

NYU's global network is about to get a bit bigger: The university will open two additional study abroad sites in Brazil and India.The university is in the very early planning stages of opening these two sites, NYU associate vice provost Anne Waters said.What is under discussion now is what is the best model and what would be the timing, she said.Waters thinks India and Brazil are the natural next steps in the university's global expansion plans.India and Brazil are two incredibly important world economies,Waters said.India is the world's largest democracy, and both India and Brazil are multi-ethnic, multi-racial, religiously diverse societies. It is incredibly important that these complex, dynamic societies, cultures and economies are part of our global network.

Since the multi-year planning stages for the Brazil and India sites have just started, academic offerings, specific locations and opening dates have not been determined.The university will conduct internal surveys to determine the structures of the two programs, said Christopher Nicolussi, senior director of student services and support at the Office of Global Programs. Once this is determined, he said. the next step will be to decide where in the countries the sites will be.
The work is mostly done with individual schools and faculty and departments here in New York before we start doing research on the ground in the country, Nicolussi said.Waters said she thinks NYU's global sites will play a vital role in the two countries. As these countries develop economically and politically, education will be a priority, Waters said.NYU's Global Network University is an intriguing model for leaders in those countries to consider,she said.

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