Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Azerbaijan start training pilots and aviation specialists in Anatolian University

Azerbaijan has announced a competition for admission to German universities within the framework of the State Program of Azerbaijani Youth Education Abroad in 2007-15.The contest is conducted on the basis of the agreement between the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan and German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).The competition is held on education for the following lines of professions: information technologies, engineering, petroleum industry, medicine, mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, ecology, agriculture, tourism, and accounting.

Students of the 2- and 3-year students of relevant Azerbaijani universities, who scored at least 550 points when entering universities on the first specialty group and 600 points on other specialty groups can participate in the bachelor’s degree education contest.The competition for further education and master’s degree is open to 4-year university students, for those students of 1st and other groups, whose GPA indicator of knowledge is at least 4.0 points and other specialty groups and who scored at least 112 points (1st specialty group) in entrance exam for Master’s degree of 2011/12 academic year and 120 points (or their equivalent) on the other specialty groups.

The competition for post-qualifying education within medical programs is designed for final year students of medical universities or their graduates, the average score of whom during education was at least 4.0.Bachelor’s degree education received in Azerbaijan can be recognized in Germany when entering for Master’s degree education. Master’s degree education received in Azerbaijan can be recognized in Germany for doctoral studies.

To participate in the contest the claimant must submit an application for participation, substantiation (in two languages), a letter of recommendation (a special form of letter which must be filled in by professors and teaching staff of the university in which the candidate is educating) is available. Student Admission Commission’s reference on number of scores gathered when entering the university, a notary-approved copy of the diploma and supplement to the diploma in German or English, etc.The submitted documents will be reviewed by DAAD experts who came from Germany and then an interview will be held on 5-7 March 2012.

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