Wednesday, August 10, 2011

400 International Students from 25 Countries joined University in the session 2011-2012

Lovely Professional University welcomed more than 400 International students from 25 countries of four continents, North America, Europe, Asia and Africa at its campus. Commenting on this significant development, the Chancellor of the University, Mr. Ashok Mittal said This is one the biggest international recruitment done by any of the university in India for foreign students. With this addition of close to 400 new international students, the university has now reached another benchmark of becoming the largest university in terms of having the most number of international student in a single campus. The total strength of international students in the campus reached to 600. The present rate of admission of international students is 200% more in comparison to the last year. Various countries from where the students are studying in India includes USA, Italy, Iran, Bhutan, Nepal, Germany,Afghanistan, Dubai, Thailand, Iraq, Indonesia, Burundi, Sudan, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Tanzania and Kenya etc. These students have opted various courses like BCA , B.Tech, BBA, MBA, MCA and BJ(MC) etc.

In order to acquaint the students about the university, a six hours informative induction programme was scheduled for them. It was comprised of addresses by senior authorities and presentations from relevant departments. Also PPTs were made on the rules and regulations and systems of the university like how to access online available material, academics, examinations, security and discipline. Aimed to get the fresh-students well-adjusted to the culture and traditions prevalent at the University, a campus tour and a two-hour cultural evening was also specially arranged to entertain them.

In a suggestive welcoming address, the Chancellor of the University, Mr. Ashok Mittal expected of all such students, from different continents of the world, to represent themselves, in a way, as true official ambassadors of their respective countries. He said:Now, on becoming an integral part of the LPU community; you are of course shouldering new responsibilities of more of humane behavior by sharing your culture and traditions with those of others.Motivating them, he exclaimed:Indeed, it is an entirely new phase of your life. Upholding the traditions and values of India, you have to co-exist with your fellow students on international standards during your entire span of study programme.He also mentioned:It is really making us proud to see a regular addition in number of students from more and more countries, in every new session. Prior to this, students from India used to go abroad for higher studies but now the trend has been changed a lot. Our University has enrolled many foreign students from different lands. It is, indeed, a strong indication that our efforts will never go in vain and India is once again going to wear the coveted crown of a Master in the realms of Education.

In the evening, students were made to swing, sing, stamp and keep tossing their heads on the melodies of Bhangra & Giddha, Rajasthani Jhoomer, Classical Dances and Rap Performances. Getting boosted the International students also showcased their inborn talents. Some of such students Rafi from USA, Abba Ahmed Muhammed from Nigeria, Suchet from Indonesia, Ganga from Nepal, Vishma Chuwan of Bhutan, Alen Atem representing Sudan, Adeeb al Rumayhi of Bangladesh and others said joyfully:We are indeed lucky to be received at the largest university of India in the most possible humane manner. No doubt, certain uncertainties were lurking in our minds at first, but the very first day of ours under special Induction Programme has assured us firmly that we are in our own country and among our own persons.

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