Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Study abroad with Vol State

This week, a major subject in The Settler is travel, and for good reason.Travel is an integral aspect of every individual's personal, educational and social growth.A better way to gain a true understanding of the world around oneself doesn't exist.Taking trips to different areas around the world is the only way to become truly immersed in different types of culture and geography.
Sadly, many adults are unable to leave their jobs and families for a week to go jetting off to South Africa.

Volunteer State Community College students, however, have numerous opportunities to travel and learn all around the globe.This week, students have the chance to sign up for a Maymester course which will take them to the Four Corners region of the United States for nine days of hiking, camping and gem searching.These students will learn about the geology and chemistry of the Southwest while surrounded by breath-taking scenery such as the Grand Canyon and Colorado River.Students can also get a lot of exposure while studying in such universities and different course Engineering,
Master of Science and Materials Science.
There is no prerequisite for this course.Students need only a healthy interest in the geology of the Southwest!Vol State's ophthalmology students just returned from a week-long trip to Guatemala.After lots of hard work learning about their subject, the students traveled there to help perform eye exams on Guatemalans in need.The trip allowed these students to experience Guatemalan culture and geography hands-on, something that cannot be done from a classroom.
This summer, a group of music students will travel to Ireland to learn about Irish music history.
The Tennessee Consortium for International Study allows students to study abroad in several countries, including Greece, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, China, South Africa, Sweden and more.Nearly every academic department has some sort of travel opportunity.Meet with your adviser to find out what you can do to enhance your time at Vol State with travel study.

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